The Pacific Mattress Medium Soft

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This is our most popular mattress. It really works for those seeking extra pressure relief and body contouring, while feeling deep support at the same time. If you are a side and back sleeper it will cradle and support your curves in all the right places. Includes nightly California Dreams.

The Float Foam Difference

  • Reduced Motion 
    Float Foam softens your and your partner's movements while proving to be more responsive then high end memory foam.
  • Advanced Comfort
    Our foam utilizes supportive air technology to provide a unique combination of support and pressure relief.
  • Cool Temperature
    You'll notice an immediate feeling of comfort at virtually any temperature with no retention of body heat.
  • Fast Recovery
    Superior to memory foam, your mattress will conform to your body without excess bounce or quicksand feel.
  • Higher Durability
    Float Foam is durable enough to get you where you need to be and backed by our 10 year limited warranty.