The Best Foam Mattresses for Sleep and Sex

How can you get all the comfort of a foam bed for sleeping while still maintaining the support and bounce needed for great sex? It used to be when you bought a foam mattress, you were using it on your friend's floor-- post-party or post-holiday dinner. Sharing a pad meant sharing intimacy off of the foam; Fear no more. This situation is no longer the case.

Everyone has heard the tales, “having sex on my memory foam mattress is like trying to run in quicksand.” Descriptions similar to the list below have been legendary with old-school memory foam mattresses:

  • It feels like you’re sinking in

  • There is no way to get traction

  • It’s impossible to maintain a rhythm

  • You are on a surface with no push

  • You get stuck in one spot and position

And maybe great sleep was worth these measures 10-years ago, but today you can get everything you want (great sex and sleep) on the same mattress. How's that for pillow talk?

Pacific Mattress Co. designs mattresses with these two critically important objectives in mind: sleep and sex. Every mattress we make includes great cushioning with the right amount of support to have you sleeping soundly throughout the night; as well as, the type of bounce and firmness to maintain the bedroom as your favorite option for romance and the occasional athletic groove. Practicing karma sutra? Military style? Whatever your favorite position may be; Get all of those rock-star positions in, in your own bed, without depreciating your skills, unnecessary bruising, or those very painful (and long-lasting) rug-burns on your knees.

Want to see a Pacific Mattress Co. bed in action? The below video shows just how incredible Pacific Mattress Co.’s mattresses can be for both sleep and some of that frisky play. We produce the kind of bed that you can jump on without breaking your back. We also provide the type of bed that when your partner rolls around in the middle of the night, you can sleep peacefully right through it. Just watch this video where an open bottle of wine is undisturbed while people jump on this mattress without a struggle:


Now, that is the type of mattress bounce and cushioning that will improve both your sex and sleep. The reason Pacific Mattress Co. beds deliver such spectacular results is because of how they are designed. Every bed manufactured has three separate layers to ensure the perfect balance between cushion and support (with just enough bounce).

  1. The bottom layer is a thick section of foam that has some give, but acts as a strong support cushion.

  2. The middle layer is made from latex foam (Yes, the same latex you hear described as ‘rubber’!), which provides a supportive stretch and bounce that many foam mattresses do not offer.

  3. Finally, the top layer is a premium-quality cushion of ‘float’ foam that transfers the fantastic cushioning and bounce of the lower two levels and balances the benefits between them to provide everything you want in a bed.

At Pacific Mattress Co., we pride ourselves on the combination of superior design and top-quality materials which have been selected to provide the cushion and bounce to make all your bedroom activities better. Add in competitive pricing, outstanding customer support, free delivery, and it becomes easy to see why Pacific Mattress Co. is an industry leader.

Another important feature to note is that Pacific Mattress Co. beds are also designed to keep the mattress temperatures cool. Regardless of whether you are sleeping soundly on a summer night or doing something more active in bed, having a cool mattress is a feature you will be thankful for. So add a cooler mattress temperature to the list of benefits of Pacific Mattress Co. mattresses, and you get the complete list:

  • Designed to be a bed for all your needs (deep sleeping and playful intimacy)

  • Manufactured with premium-quality, USA-made materials (that cushion and comfort, as well as support and bounce to your rhythms)

  • Cool temperatures regardless of bedroom activity or season

  • Great pricing, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and free delivery on your new Pacific Mattress Co. bed

Stop sleeping poorly on your current spring-mattress. Stop avoiding the quicksand of your old memory-foam mattress when you want to get intimate. Put your sleep and sex back in a bed that is perfect for both. Pick out your new Pacific Mattress Co. mattress today. Soon you will be making love in a bed that allows all the positions you want and then lures you in for some snuggling and snoozing afterward. There is no sense in denying that some of the best naps life have to offer come after a good Saturday afternoon romp. After your next Saturday session of blissful work, don’t you want to stay wrapped up with your partner and drift off in perfect comfort for your Saturday afternoon siesta?

Time to get busy buying the new bed you will want to get busy on.


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