The Perfect Bed Shipped to You – What Should You Worry About?

Compressed bed degradation is an issue with any mattress that sits for a long-time in a box while being delivered from overseas or waiting for shipment from a shipping facility in America. For guaranteed satisfaction and fast shipment of an American-made bed, Pacific Mattress Co is the perfect option to get a new bed that you will love.

How soft or firm do you want your new mattress to be? The great part of buying a new bed online is you can find exactly the type of mattress you want and it will come with free delivery at the most competitive pricing. You can find the right size, the right mattress material, and the perfect softness to suit your needs perfectly. It sounds like a fantastic way to buy a bed with nothing to worry about – and that is generally very accurate. Purchasing your new bed from a reputable online mattress manufacturer (like Pacific Mattress Co.) is easy and convenient, but there are a few helpful things to consider when purchasing in order to  get the highest-quality mattress possible. To start, check to make sure your mattress is manufactured in the United States - that way it doesn’t sit in a box for ages while being shipped from overseas. Also, make sure you are getting a FAST delivery process from a reputable shipping company - which will make it more convenient, safe, and trackable.

When you order a new foam or latex mattress, it is typically compressed into a small box for delivery. When you open the box your foam mattress expands to its full size for undeniable comfort almost immediately. The compression used to ship foam mattresses in a box does no harm to your new mattress at all … UNLESS a mattress sits compressed for too long – such as what can happen when it is shipped from China or other international sources. Then you get a mattress that was manufactured and instantly packed in a tight box before being shipped overseas squeezed in its small box, and then left to sit in a warehouse compressed in the same tight box for months and months before finally being sold to a customer. When a foam mattress sits compressed too long in a factory, in a shipping container, or in a warehouse, then the compression damage and degradation of mattress quality and cushioning can be permanent. Do you want a bed compressed for such a lengthy of time that there will be less comfort every time you go to bed?

Perfect Beds to Fall Into

Finding out where a mattress company manufactures their beds can be a helpful piece of information to address this concern. The further away a bed is manufactured, the more likely that the mattress will experience a longer period of compression in a small box. Pacific Mattress Co. manufactures and produces all of its mattresses right here in America. With the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, plus Pacific Mattress Co guarantees delivery within 1 to 5 business-days. That is often faster than the 1 to 8-weeks it may take from a local bed store to deliver your new bed. So when you open a Pacific Mattress Co. foam mattress, you are guaranteed that it will expand to its full dimensions and deliver you the perfect cushioning support levels that you ordered. That is the type of information that should reassure you. When you order your perfect foam mattress from Pacific Mattress Co., you will get an American made bed with top-quality materials that has spent minimal time in a compressed box so that it expands right-away into a perfect bed for you.

Pacific Mattress Co also guarantees your satisfaction with any bed you purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason – Pacific Mattress Co. will provide a full refund for your purchase. There may be stories of some companies shipping mattresses that smell weird, that are not soft enough, or that are simply not as comfortable as advertised. Those are issues you do not have to worry about with us. Pacific Mattress Co. is so confident that you will love your new mattress that we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be absolutely confident when ordering a new mattress from us.  Pacific Mattress Co. can make those guarantees because we have years of mattress industry experience and have meticulously researched and tested the highest-quality materials and designs to make the perfect bed for you.

On top of all those guarantees for total satisfaction as well as the complete confidence that your American made mattress will not wait too long in a compressed box, our company also guarantees speedy and reputable shipping. You will not get an unknown company showing up at your door to deliver your new mattress. Instead, with your Pacific Mattress Co. order you can feel safe and confident knowing that your new bed will be delivered by Federal Express (FedEx) shipping. You will also receive a FedEx tracking number so you can check on the delivery status and see what day to expect your new mattress, which will arrive within 1 to 5 business-days.

Pacific Mattress Co. works hard to make every mattress you order a worry free experience where you can be positive that the highest-quality mattress will be arriving rapidly to your door. We are confident you will love your new bed and we guarantee it. Feel safe and excited with your new Pacific Mattress Co. order and feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns at 1-888-727-0327.


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